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The 1st Redditch

1st Redditch Girls’ Brigade

Our company is part of The Bridge Church (69 Evesham Rd, Headles Cross, B974AX).

   the bridge church in snow
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Tracey Gration is the Team Leader of our 1st Redditch Company.

At 1st Redditch, girls can expect to make new friends, learn and experience new things and have lots of fun. Along with this there is a short time of Bible based devotions, where the girls learn more about God and the Christian faith. When the girls reach a certain age, they have the chance to go on weekend and annual holidays with the rest of the company and with the 1st Redditch Boys' brigade.

Fundraising and subscriptions:

We charge a weekly subscription of £1.50 which can now be paid for in advance to make it easier. The money raised helps pay for badges, awards, badge work and fees that we have to pay to GB Central office and towards offsetting the costs of some trips and events throughout the year.
In addition to this we also organise fund raising events throughout the year; such as bag packs, skittle evenings and quizzes.


  • N:vestigate (5-8 yrs)
  • N:gage (8-11yrs)
  • N:counta (11-14yrs)
  • N:spire (14-18yrs)
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