Meet the Company - Explorers


The Explorers

The Explorers are the youngest and most active section of the brigade. The explorers meet on Tuesday evenings between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM. Girls aged 5 to 8 come up to the church hall to have fun and be with friends, along with making new ones.

On Tuesday evenings the girls are asked to arrive in clean uniform.

A normal Tuesday night includes discussions including news time in which the girls tell each other what they’ve been getting up too, games, and crafts. All of these help the girls work towards the badge structure, which runs over the three years.

On some Tuesday nights we will change the order of the night and will go into the kitchen and cook something tasty and exciting, or we will get the paint out and make interesting pictures or collages.

We also try to attend different events run by the other companies, which include fun days out to local attractions and different activities.

Meet the Explorer Section Staff & Helpers

Rachel Dingley
Hayley Roberts
Hannah Patrick
Rachael Leeson
Lizzie Keight

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