Meet the Company - Seniors

The Seniors including our Brigader Section

The Senior Section including the Brigaders of the Company has girls from the age of 11 to 18 years and this is the oldest section of our company. The girls meet at 7:45 till 9 on a Tuesday evening in the small hall.
The senior section is home to the older girls at the girl’s brigade and ours certainly has many unique characters in! On this page you can find out what our senior section members get up to along with some input from the girls themselves.

On a usual Tuesday night the older girls follow this schedule:

  • 19:45 Girls gather in small hall, and news time takes place
  • 20:00 Activity for the evening takes place, mainly crafts.
  • 20:30 After clearing up a game usually takes place which the girls all love!
  • 20:45 Tuck shop is open
  • 20:55 Devotions take place with a small gathering
  • 21:00 Home time

The members and what they think:

Our section of seniors is quite small however this is growing all the time and we love to see new faces. We currently have 2 brigaders, one of which is now an advanced young leader after completing her training and the other who has got one more phase of her training to go, this enables the older members to get more involved and help out on company evenings by planning what activities will take place.

We thought who better to tell you what the girls think of GB, than the girls themselves:-

Rachael Leeson & Hannah Patrick (3rd year Brigader and Advanced young leader & New Warrant Officer)
Were 2 of the older girls from the company and I am a young leader in training whereas Hannah has just completed her YLT and is now a Warrant Officer. We both agree that one of our highlights has been training to become young leaders. Through this we have become more involved in both the Girls Brigade and the church, learning more about Jesus and passing this knowledge on to the younger members.

Meet the Senior and Brigader Section Staff

Tracey Gration
Helen Kimberley
Laura Kelly
Hayley Roberts
Lizzie Keight
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