Meet the Company - N:counta & N:spire

The N:counta section including our N:spire Section

The N:counta section including the N:spire section of the Company has girls from the age of 11 to 18 years and this is the oldest section of our company. The girls meet at 7:45 till 9 on a Tuesday evening in The Bridge Church Community Hall
The N:spire section is home to the older girls at the girl’s brigade and ours certainly has many unique characters in! On this page you can find out what our senior section members get up to.

Girls aged 14+ can choose to undertake Young Leader Training. Which involves a weekend away sharing fellowship and training on how to become a leader with girls from other Girls Brigade Companies.

N:counta programme for 11-14 year olds is planned to equip young people with life skills which will help them to face up to the real issues that are part of their everyday life experiences as they enter their teenage years.

N:spire programme for 14-18 year olds empowers teenagers to engage with challenges which will help them learn new skills and find opportunities to serve while discovering God's relevance to every aspect of their life

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