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The Girls Brigade

The Girls' Brigade is an international and interdenominational Christian youth organisation. It was founded in 1965 from the amalgamation of 3 organisations; The Girls’ Brigade Ireland, The Girls’ Guildry and The Girls Life Brigade.

Aim, Motto and Law (taken from girlsbrigade.org.uk):
The aim of the Girls’ Brigade is; to help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.

The motto of the Girls' Brigade:
"Seek, Serve and Follow Christ".

The law of the Girls Brigade, is that a Girls' Brigade member will do her best to be loyal to Company and Church, to be honest, truthful, kind and helpful; and to remember the Girls' Brigade motto “Seek, serve and follow Christ.

The badge:

In the centre a Cross, the symbol of Christ and his church. Below it a Lamp, that our glory may shine out upon the world. Above it a Crown, that we may own Christ as our King.
Behind it all a Torch, the flame of Christ’s living Spirit and our devotion to Him.

For a more detailed history of the Girls Brigade please follow one of the links below:
Wikipedia’s International History:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girls_Brigade
Girls Brigade UK History page: http://www.girlsbrigade.org.uk/html/about_gb.html

The GB Mission Statement:

Some two years ago the European Fellowship affirmed its Mission statement:
“To support, encourage and equip our member countries in their desire to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

And in order to achieve our mission we committed ourselves:

  • To Promote Growth
  • To Encourage Discipleship and To Develop Communication
  • To nurture our emerging leaders
All the countries in GB Europe want to be part of this mission, and each, in its own way, is working to accomplish these things.

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